Kunak Smart Environment

Best system available to monitor Air Quality and Noise with remote calibration tool.

Kunak Smart Environment is a unique IoT system designed to easily monitor the Air Quality and other environmental factors, for fixed and mobile applications, with web interface and mobile app.

  • Sensors with ppb resolution.
  • Good performance at high temperatures.
  • Remote Calibration tool.
  • Standalone solution & API for integration

Excellent R2 correlations against Reference Equipment

Kunak Air
Kunak Air
Kunak Air
Kunak Air
Device Kunak Air

Advantages of the new version

As an indicative measurement, it correlates well with Reference Equipment.

Kunak helps identifying and evaluating the impact of preventive actions and analizing real time pollution with a minimum deployment and maintenance cost.

  • Plug & play system, from the sensor to the platform.
  • Kunak Cloud Web Plataform  and mobile phone app.
  • Easy integration with API Rest.
  • Good correlations with reference equipment.
  • Low deployment and maintenance cost.
  • High resolution ppb sensors.
  • Power supply with battery, current or solar panel.
  • Small (< 20cm) and light (< 2Kg) mobile devices..
  • GPRS, WiFi, RS485, RS232 and Bluetooth connections.
  • Alarms, periods and thresholds configurable.
  • Remote Calibration (2008/50/EC).

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